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The Sampler favor is a good favor to give to guests who are traveling.  Not only is the 3.29 oz (100 ML) under the TSA regulation, but the plastic bottle travels in any luggage without fear of breakage.  Guests can enjoy them immediately drizzled over the  cake or to sweeten an after dinner coffee.  With plenty of them around, they can grab an extra to take home.

Product Details

  • 3.29 fl oz bottle
  • Vermont Amber Rich Taste Maple Syrup
  • Approximate Dimensions are 4 1/4″ high x 2″ wide x 2″ depth
  • Sealed with a dark brown plastic safety cap
  • This favor bottle has a round sticky label identifying the grade on the top of the cap

Personalizing Favors

If you would like a hang tag or stick on label, they are available from many vendors both locally and online in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles for your unique party needs.  Get started by reading about Hangtags, Labels & Engraving ideas.

Ordering Information

  • The Sampler maple syrup favor generally ships within 2 to 3 weeks of placing your order, if we do not have inventory on hand.
  • Favor pricing is for 24 or more units from the maple syrup favor category. Please do not submit an order for a total less than 24 combined favors. After 24 units you can order any number, they do not need to be multiples of 24.


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A Sampler maple syrup favor sample can be purchased.

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