Maple Syrup

Treat yourself with our family’s finest Vermont Maple Products shipped to you. We harvest the Maple Syrup from our sugarwoods and produce maple syrup on the evaporator in the sugarhouse. Maple Cream and Maple Candy  are made in our sugarhouse kitchen. The best part is tasting each barrel!

Our family taps 13,000 taps on our farm in Northern Vermont.  Maple Syrup is made during the fifth season, Mud Season.  Sandwiched between winter and spring, the maple trees start waking up and think about making maple leaves.  The maple sap starts flowing up the trunk of the trees.  Since maple trees are over-achievers, they produce way more sap than they need.

We’re committed to providing you with Vermont Maple Syrup that meets the highest quality standards as defined by the Vermont Maple Law in regards to color, clarity, density, and flavor.