Maple Sugar Easter Candy

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Reserve your boxes of maple sugar Easter candy today. We can only make so many for the Easter holiday because we make them in small batches close to Easter for the best freshness.

You won't find these Easter candy treats at the local chain store. Made from pure Vermont Maple Syrup in small batches these artisan candies are only available for Easter. So you'll need to hop fast and reserve your Easter Candy today.

Golden Delicate Taste - The traditional light maple candy. An intensely sweet maple flavor.

Dark Robust Taste - An intense maple flavor with a caramelized finish. 

The Maple Candy Easter box is filled with bunnies, tulips, watering cans, umbrellas, butterflies,eggs and a variety of other spring shapes.

Maple candy is naturally gluten free and dairy free, made with just maple syrup. In addition, all maple candy, and maple products in general are considered vegan.

Net wt. 6 oz or 8 oz