Maple Sugar Candy Easter Bunny

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Reserve your maple sugar Easter bunnies today. We can only make so many for the Easter holiday.

You won't be able to find these Easter Bunny treats at the local chain store. Made from pure Vermont Maple Syrup in small batches these artisan candy bunnies are only available for Easter. Maple Candy is naturally gluten free. So you'll need to hop fast and reserve your bunnies today.

Two Different Flavors of Maple Easter Bunny

You have a chance to get your maple candy bunnies in two grades of maple syrup providing two different maple tastes. In addition, all maple candy, and maple products in general are considered vegan.

Golden Delicate Taste - The traditional light maple candy. An intensely sweet maple flavor.

Dark Robust Taste - A more caramelized maple finish.

Keep your Easter Bunny Fresh

We know you care about the environment, so we've packaged these bunnies in a cellophane bag that weights roughly one-tenth of an ounce. While you are consuming Maple Bunny you can keep putting him in his packaging with the twist tie to keep him fresh. We purposefully, looked for the minimum amount of packaging to create the least amount of holiday trash.

Uses for Maple Easter Bunny

You can find a lot of uses for the Maple Easter Bunny other than to be eaten as a sweet treat. Because he’s a solid block of pure maple sugar he grates nicely and is used on many of your favorite treats. Bits of Maple Bunny will sweeten coffee and tea or a hot dish of oatmeal.

Try grating a little of the bunny over cereal or hot buttered toasts and biscuits. Maple candy melts on a hot food and is a natural sweetener and gluten free. Before you pop muffins in the oven, grate a little of Maple Bunny over the top for a little maple flavor.

These Maple Candy Easter Bunnies are a perfect stand alone treat as well as an Easter Basket filler.

Be sure to let us know how you gifted these sweet, little bunnies.

Nt wt 5 oz. each